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Myanmar’s year of turmoil: From coup to jailing of Suu Kyi

A look back at the year since the military's latest power grab, which ended a decade-long experiment with democracy

Christians, churches in Myanmar under siege for aiding displaced poor, victims...

Church leaders said the persecution happened because Christians chose to be with the suffering people caught in the middle of the conflict

A year after military takeover, Mandalay archbishop tells people ‘not to...

“I feel so sad to see that they flee from their houses and cannot stay at their home as other people do,” said Archbishop Marco Tin Win

More than 100 sentenced to death in Yangon since Myanmar coup

Of the 101 people documented by RFA’s Myanmar Service, 50 were convicted in secretive military tribunals

‘Living in a dark era’: one year since Myanmar’s coup

The country's military junta is struggling to contain the backlash unleashed by its power grab

Satellite images show village torched by Myanmar junta forces

Various visual evidence compiled by RFA show the scale and intensity of the destruction

Myanmar junta threatens pot-banging protesters with treason

Almost a year on the junta is struggling to break resistance to its rule, with "People's Defence Forces" clashing regularly with its troops

Aid to the Church in Need calls for ‘Day of Prayer...

The Church in Myanmar is faced with a task with which it is sadly familiar, that is to attend to the increasingly large number of displaced people

Hundreds flee to India following clashes in Myanmar’s Chin state

Reports said at least 3,000 people have been displaced in recent days by fighting between local defense groups and government forces

Six Myanmar civilians killed in junta airstrikes

Two children were among the dead following the assault by military jets on Nang Mae Khon in Demawso township

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