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Urgent action needed to protect rights in Myanmar amid ‘spiral of...

The report said the brutal repression of the opposition, violent resistance to the coup, and armed conflicts left the country in turmoil

Hardline Buddhist monks back pro-junta militias in Myanmar, says report

A report on Radio Free Asia said the monks have even undergone weapons training clad in saffron robes

Two dozen dead, 80 still missing days after jade mine landslide...

Sources said among those who remain missing are scavengers, drivers, supervisors, and company staff

Air strike hits Catholic nun’s convent in Myanmar

The roof and windows of the Sisters of Reparation convent, which has been used as a retirement home for elderly nuns, were destroyed

Catholic church damaged, at least 21 killed in latest atrocities in...

A Catholic priest who asked not to be named for security reasons said the attack was "deliberate and planned"

Junta roadblocks leave 10,000 refugees at risk of starvation in Myanmar

The refugees had been relying on a flow of goods through a town, which served as a regional hub until access was cut off

Bangladesh arrests Rohingya cleric over murder of activist

The murder of Mohib Ullah sent shockwaves through the massive settlements that house hundreds of thousands of Rohingya in Bangladesh

At least 17 feared dead in Myanmar jade mine landslide

Local media and sources in the area said that 40 people were buried in the landslide, which struck around 10:30 p.m. on Monday

Rohingya refugees reject return to Myanmar without assurances

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh will not return to their home in Myanmar unless they are granted equal rights and freedom of movement

Dozens arrested during strike as Myanmar military expands retribution campaign

Protesters gathered in cities across Myanmar on Tuesday as part of the “Six Twos Revolution” strike in a show of resistance to the junta

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