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Pakistani police urge Christian Churches to hire private security

After bloody assaults to dozens of churches, Karachi police has found a solution for the Christians: “Deploy private security guards.”

Pages of the Quran on the street, Christian parents arrested for...

There have also been widespread threats of imminent action by Muslim extremists following an alleged blasphemy case

Pro-environment groups across Asia urge G20 leaders to act on climate...

Climate activists and communities from the Global South demanded debt relief, economic reform, and climate justice

Pakistani pastor survives assassination attempt 

The motive behind the attack was Pastor Vicky's decision to erase Islamic writings from the front wall of the Presbyterian Church. 

Catholic prelate appeals peace and justice after mob attacks against Christians...

At least 800 homes and over 30 churches were vandalized and destroyed after a Muslim mob rampaged through the streets on 16 August

Hundreds of Pakistan Catholics celebrate Mass outside burned church days after...

The anti-Christian mob had broken into a frenzy after two Christians, Rocky Masih and Raja Masih, were accused of profaning the Quran

Around 100,000 people evacuated due to floods in Pakistan

The Punjab disaster management agency has warned that forecasted monsoon rains could exacerbate the flooding in the coming days.

Aid to the Church in Need appeals intervention for persecuted Christians...

A source in Faisalabad said messages from mosques sent out on loudspeakers were calling on local people to “go out and kill” Christians

Mob burns Pakistani churches over alleged Koran desecration

Pakistani bishop Azad Marshall said the Christian community was "deeply pained and distressed" by the events.

China pumps up narrative of happy Uyghurs in Xinjiang among Pakistanis

China is extending its attempts to sanitize its image following heavy criticisms about the government’s brutal treatment of Uyghurs

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