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Pope Francis meets faithful face-to-face as COVID cases decline in Italy

Pope Francis said it’s "not nice to talk in front of nothing, just at the camera"

Organizer of Philippines’ ‘community pantry’ reports continuing harassment, threats

The Philippine National Police urged Patricia Non to file a complaint and report the harassment and threats she received to the police

Indian archbishop blames government’s ‘political agenda’ for ‘COVID disaster’

Archbishop Emeritus Thomas Menamparampil described the pandemic as a "tragedy of a country" that does not listen to experts

Caritas Hanoi reaches out to villages amid new COVID-19 outbreak

Caritas in Hanoi has distributed up to 3.8 tons of rice and other food supplies in villages under strict health restrictions

Gereja Katolik di India sediakan 60.000 tempat tidur untuk pasien COVID-19

Gereja Katolik di India menawarkan 60.000 tempat tidur rumah sakit dan fasilitas lain untuk digunakan pasien COVID-19 di tengah lonjakan infeksi yang terus berlanjut di negara tersebut.

Catholic Church in India offers 60,000 hospital beds for COVID-19 patients

"The Church will continue to be at the forefront, offering our services," said Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay

As lockdown returns, Malaysians face another bleak Eid

Millions of people are being forced to stay apart from loved ones during the Muslim celebration because of strict restrictions on travel

‘Faith’ still among top keywords in Philippines’ social media posts

Keywords related to the Holy Week observance have been on top of all keyword categories during the month of April

Pope Francis prays for India as thousands more die of COVID-19

'My thoughts go above all to the sick and their families, to those who care for them... to those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones'

Pleas for help in India as COVID-19 leaves children without carers

The exponential rise in infections and deaths has left some children without a carer because their parents are too ill to cope or have died

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