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Photo gallery: Philippines’ Palm Sunday observance

This year's celebration was unique due to measures aimed at suppressing the spread of the new coronavirus

Philippine authorities arrest pastor for holding church service

Pastor defied govt orders prohibiting mass gatherings in light of the new coronavirus pandemic

Online Masses, drive-by blessings kick off Philippines’ Holy Week observance

Church leaders said the pandemic is not a judgment from God but an opportunity to consider what is lasting, what is real, and important in life

Filipino priest uses popular app to reach out to youth

TikTok has become a venue for people to consult with their priest about family relations, guidance on forgiveness, and even Catechism for children

Whole-of-Church response to the pandemic

That humanity is a single community is a precept that the Catholic Church in the Philippines has taken to heart amid COVID-19 pandemic

Church leaders open to extension of Philippine lockdown, if it’s for...

Authorities say that when reviewing lockdown measures ‘science is in charge’

Priests, seminarians help nourish body, soul of Philippines’ poor

'It is inherent for the Church to accompany the people in dark times ... but it is imperative to nourish both body and soul’

Workers at Manila hospital run by Dominicans appeal for support

Union calls for increase in hazard pay for workers facing the risk of COVID-19 infection

Amid lockdown, Philippines’ Duterte falls back on kill threats

Supplies are low, Duterte grudgingly admitted, because the govt did not expect the contagion to spread so fast

‘Let’s get our priorities right’

Or end up with an even darker future for humanity, warns Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle