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Photo gallery: Filipinos brave pandemic to venerate ‘Black Nazarene’

Along with the devotion to Santo Niño, the Black Nazarene is the most popular object of devotion in the Philippines

Photo gallery: Filipino Muslim community devastated by typhoon

Images offer a glimpse to how people are trying to cope and rebuild their lives

Photo gallery: Philippine communities rise from devastation after typhoon

Locals rely on themselves in rebuilding their community, they say their plight has been overlooked

Photo gallery: Typhoon ‘Ulysses’ leaves thousands homeless in Philippine capital

Houses submerged and thousands of Filipinos were stranded on rooftops

Photo gallery: Super Typhoon ‘Rolly’ pummels Philippines’ Bicol region

Catastrophic winds and torrential rains toppled cell towers in several towns of region where at least 16 people were reported killed

Photo gallery: Philippine diocese holds 14-km ‘Rosary walk’

Rosary walk was one spiritual initiative organized by diocese to ask for ‘divine intervention’ for deliverance from pandemic

Photo gallery: ‘New normal’ seminary formation for future Filipino priests amid...

High school seminarians attending classes, praying, and meditating in their homes

SPOTLIGHT: Franciscan church stands witness to 500 years of Philippine Christianity

Pope Francis bestowed the title minor basilica to the parish on July 9, the day before the 158th anniversary of the canonization of San Pedro Bautista

Photo gallery: New prelate installed in southern Philippine archdiocese

Archbishop Jose Cabantan said his appointment during pandemic ‘calls us to live in solidarity’

Photo gallery: ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’ amid the pandemic

Despite the pandemic, faith and tradition continue to live in the hearts of Filipino Muslims

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