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WATCH: Roadside ‘community pantries’ pop up in Philippine capital

A “community pantry” set up in the village of Maginhawa in the Philippine capital inspired other villages to start their own

Pandemic pressures more Indian children to forsake schooling for work

In a bid to address the problem, a Caritas program is promoting a child’s right to education, inclusive development, and social participation

SPOTLIGHT: COVID-19 lockdown leads to despair in Cambodia

In the red zones people are banned from leaving their homes for two weeks, even going out to buy food is officially not allowed

‘It’s not about me,’ says the girl who started the Philippines’...

It’s the same principle when Jesus fed thousands of people with seven loaves of bread and two fishes, she says

Amid India’s COVID spike migrant workers still traumatized by 2020 lockdown

Catholic Church launches program to support and protect internal migrant workers in various Indian states

Indian domestic workers count cost of COVID in testing times

Households now wanting COVID-negative test reports and proof of vaccination to hire domestic workers

Migrants who help sustain Indian economy left on the margins

Migrant workers have poor access to health services, social protection, education, housing and sanitation, food and water, and other utilities

For India’s poor, lockdown policing adds to pandemic hardships

Hawkers, slum dwellers, food couriers and migrant workers are most likely to fall foul of lockdown rules

Filipinos urged to support community efforts fighting hunger during pandemic

Director of Caritas Philippines says setting up of community pantries shows how communities can serve as first responders to address food insecurities

Bangladesh keeps garment factories going as lockdown hits

Factory owners were supposed to provide transport for their staff, but many did not

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