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10 priests of China’s ‘underground Church’ disappear under police custody

At least four of those who went missing disappeared on the 29th and 30th of April

Chinese authorities shut down Presbyterian Church’s website

Shanghai’s Xinguang Presbyterian Church was already listed as an illegal social organization by the government in July 2021

False and misleading: Bangalore archbishop on Bible in class row

The archbishop challenged the public to provide “even a single instance of conversion” in hundreds of Christian schools

China tightens control over funds for religious groups, says report

The new rules will place the supervision of the finances of religious sites into the hands of the government

Chinese authorities arrest Catholic bishop of Zhejiang ahead of Easter

The local faithful are worried because they do not know the whereabouts of the bishop because the police even took his phone

Indonesia urged to review blasphemy article in draft Criminal Code

Civil society and human rights groups said the existence of the blasphemy article is “very worrying” in Indonesia

Despite Vatican-China deal, Chinese Catholics continue to face persecution

The report said that all religions, including the state-controlled ones, have suffered from "aggressive repression on religious freedom"

Chinese officials restrict number of Uyghurs who can observe Ramadan

For years, officials in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region have prohibited Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims from fully observing Ramadan

Christians welcome with caution India’s dismissal of petition to monitor missionaries

The Supreme Court dismissed a petition seeking to constitute a monitoring board to monitor the activities of Christian Missionaries in India

Indian lay Catholic leader welcomes court refusal to monitor Christian missionaries

India’s Supreme Court rejected a petition seeking for the establishment of a board to monitor the activities of Christian missionaries

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