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More than 100 Rohingya brought to safety in Indonesia after protests

The rescue operation followed local protests and pressure from rights groups, including the UNHRC

Scars of Aceh conflict open local hearts to Rohingya plight

Indonesia said it will now let dozens of Rohingya refugees come ashore after protests from locals and the international community

Indonesia rejects Rohingya refugees, sends stricken boat to Malaysia

At least 100 mostly women and children aboard a wooden vessel said to be taking on water were denied refuge

SPOTLIGHT: Hoping against hope in a fragmented world

There is a reality that we cannot ignore, a reality that we must face. Together. We need to talk about it, even if we have everything.

Rohingya refugees jailed for 5 years in Myanmar for attempt to...

A separate group of 90 refugees was released with warnings by the court because they were under the age of 18

Bangladesh allows relocated Rohingya refugees to visit families

Nearly 20,000 members of the stateless Muslim minority have already been sent to Bhashan Char island

Bangladesh resumes moving Rohingya refugees to flood-prone island

Nearly 20,000 members of the stateless minority have already been sent to Bhashan Char island

Seven killed in Bangladesh Rohingya camp attack

The attackers randomly shot some victims and stabbed others with knives at the Balukhali refugee complex in Cox's Bazar

Top Rohingya leader in Bangladesh shot dead

Mohib Ullah, 48, emerged as the main civilian leader of the 740,000 Rohingya refugees in camps in Bangladesh

Rohingya refugees in Rakhine ask to return home in face of...

More than 100,000 Rohingya refugees who’ve been confined to camps in Rakhine state are asking to be allowed to return home

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