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Philippine bishops back pope’s order to restrict celebration of Traditional Latin...

In its statement, the CBCP expresses "our obedience to and communion with the Supreme Pontiff"

Cardinal Zen reacts to restrictions on Traditional Latin Masses

Cardinal Zen said “the problem is not ‘which rite do people prefer?’ but ‘why don’t they go to Mass anymore?’

Umat Katolik mengecam larangan Misa Luar Biasa oleh Paus Fransiskus

Pembatasan baru oleh Vatikan atas bentuk Misa luar biasa menuai tanggapan penuh semangat dari umat Katolik segera setelah motu proprio diterbitkan pada hari Jumat di Roma.

Catholics react to Pope Francis’ restrictions on extraordinary form Masses

Many Catholics reacted strongly to the promulgation of Traditionis custodes, a motu proprio signed by Pope Francis on July 16

Pope Francis issues restrictions on extraordinary form Masses

Pope Francis made sweeping changes to the celebration of the liturgy using the Roman Missal of 1962, which is in Latin

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