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Christians are persistently striving for social peace, which can be achieved through a just and equitable distribution of the material goods

The attitude of gratitude

The experience of a kindness received will be magnified exponentially into acts of kindness forwarded to others.

On the fullness of faith

Faith is not about simply believing in what may be unbelievable, for even the most evil of spirits can believe in the existence of Mystery

A tale of two realities

If we are too stubborn to change what is obviously evil, then will we change when confronted with what is ethereally good?

Wealth management

The relationship between the upliftment of social realities, and the worthiness to spiritual realities is undeniable

Found by God, returning to God

A forgiven sinner is one who is fully aware of having been successfully reconciled to God and others.

On two realizations

Our Lord the Christ is underscoring for us that one cannot become a genuine follower “if he doesn’t give up everything he has.”

Only with humility

The saints have shown through their holy lives that humility can stand up to challenge a proud world

Trusting in and preparing for the mystery

We will always be uncertain about what we pray for, but we can always be certain that he will lovingly bless us with the unexpected

Fighting the oppression of real poverty

Real poverty is caused by the desire of one to hoard “meaningless” earthly advantages, at the expense and to the disadvantage of another

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