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China imposes stricter rules on Muslim pilgrimage

Chinese Muslims who are ‘patriotic,’ ‘law-abiding,’ will be permitted to visit Mecca, says state-run Islamic association

More UN member countries call on China to respect human rights

Statement expresses concern over human rights situation in China’s Xinjiang region and recent developments in Hong Kong

Study: China expands re-education camps in Xinjiang region

Findings undercut Beijing’s claims that its re-education system has been winding down

SPOTLIGHT: Mulan – Disney’s deal with the devil

Live-action movie Mulan is one of Disney’s most expensive productions and it’s also now becoming one of most unprincipled

Disney’s Mulan draws flak for filming in China’s Xinjiang region

Corporate giant has been accused of ‘profiteering in the shadow of concentration camps’

SPOTLIGHT: Uyghurs staring at specter of genocide

One of the worst cases of inhumanity in recent history is now occurring in China’s Xinjiang

Hospitals in China’s Xinjiang region allegedly forced to abort Uyghur babies

Newborns were also killed after inducing labor, says obstetrician who worked in several Xinjiang hospitals

Global faith leaders call for end to crimes against Uyghurs in...

Clear aim of Chinese authorities is to eradicate the Uyghur identity, say 75 faith leaders

Media warned against Chinese ‘propaganda’ on plight of Uyghurs

Chinese officials have gone as far as saying ‘the happiest Muslims in the world live in Xinjiang’

Rights, labor groups call on apparel brands to end business in...

It’s roughly estimated that one in five cotton garments sold globally contains cotton or yarn from Xinjiang

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