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Viruses are here to stay, so what do we do now?

We are, despite humanity’s privileged position, at the mercy of Mother Nature

Set aside politics in COVID-19 vaccination program, Philippine church leaders appeal

Several govt officials, including vaccine procurement chief, were seen being inoculated ahead of health workers

Vatican backs calls to ease patent protections for COVID-19 vaccines

Some existing mechanisms for compulsory licenses are slowing down rollout of vaccination programs, archbishop says

Vatican walks back ‘No Jab, No Job’ decree after criticism

Vatican City’s vaccination program began last month, Pope Francis among first to get vaccine

China vaccine available in Cambodia, but locals debate whether to get...

I’m more afraid of a vaccine donated by China than of COVID-19 infection, Siem Reap resident says

Philippine Catholic bishops allay people’s fears about COVID-19 vaccines

Church leaders say they’re willing to be vaccinated in public to encourage others

Most Filipinos still wary of COVID-19 vaccines’ safety, survey results show

At least 67 percent of respondents answered ‘safety’ when asked about their primary consideration when deciding whether or not to be vaccinated

Indonesia set to pass 1 million coronavirus cases as vaccinations roll...

Deaths from the respiratory disease in the country are more than 28,000

From factory to faraway village: Behind India’s mammoth vaccination drive

India has mapped out a plan to vaccinate around 300 million people by July-August

Vatican urges global cooperation in COVID-19 vaccine efforts

International agreements must be promoted and supported to manage patents in order to facilitate everyone's access to vaccines, Pontifical Academy for Life says

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