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Vietnamese blogger faces jail for publishing anti-govt articles

Pham Van Diep used Facebook to support other human rights defenders and pro-democracy activists

Pope tells young people to work hard, aim high

Pope Francis said those who falter must always have the strength to get up and carry on going forward

Paus desak kaum muda untuk bekerja keras, bercita-cita tinggi

Paus Fransiskus menantang kaum muda untuk bekerja keras dan "tidak boleh tinggal diam dalam hidup" ketika ia memulai perjalanannya ke Asia di Thailand pada...

Vietnam jails Australian citizen for 12 years on ‘terrorism’ charges

Vietnam's ruling Communist Party does not tolerate criticism from both within and outside the country

Terrorism trial date set for Aussie activist, 2 others in Vietnam

Men are accused by of ‘terrorist activities against the state’ but there’s no evidence, democracy advocacy group says

In Vietnam’s ‘Billionaire Village,’ migrant cash can buy a palace

Even the majestic, renaissance-style church towering over the plush, neighboring villas was built with remittance money donated by the Catholic community

Container deaths reveal how rural Vietnamese make treacherous journey to Europe

Journeys made by Vietnamese migrants are often broken up into stages, at the end of which traffickers request cash from families before they can proceed further

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