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Impunity allows human rights abuses to thrive in Philippines, says Amnesty...

“Lack of accountability continued to facilitate unlawful killings and other human rights violations under the ‘war on drugs’ campaign”

Political leaders, Big Pharma betray promises of fair recovery from pandemic...

States, “alongside corporate titans,” have driven deeper global inequality “in what amounts to one of the greatest betrayals of our times”

Amnesty International closes office in Hong Kong amid crackdown on dissent

The announcement came after police surrounded marathon runners and demanded that they remove the slogan "Go Hong Kong!"

Amnesty International hits ‘crimes against humanity’ in China’s Xinjiang region

The report says most people have stopped praying or showing any outward signs of observing Islam, including grooming, for fear of persecution

Warga miskin di seluruh Asia Selatan kesulitan mendapatkan vaksin

Kelompok marjinal di Asia Selatan tidak mendapat akses ke program vaksinasi COVID-19 akibat dari kurangnya kesadaran dan keterbatasan teknologi, kata Amnesty International.

Marginalized groups across South Asia ‘overlooked’ in vaccination programs

International cooperation is key to contain the spread of the virus and make the vaccine universally available as quickly as possible, says Amnesty International

Oportunisme, pelanggaran HAM menodai penanganan pandemi global

Penaganan global terhadap pandemi virus corona dinodai oleh "oportunisme" dan "pelanggaran terhadap hak asasi manusia" oleh banyak pemimpin global, yang mengakibatkan kegagalan.

‘Opportunism,’ ‘contempt for human rights’ mark global response to pandemic, rights...

Some leaders have used pandemic as a way to entrench their own power, says Amnesty International

Report reveals tragedy of forced family separation in Xinjiang

Exiled families of Uyghur children held in state ‘orphanages’ describe torment of being separated

Myanmar military using ‘murderous methods’ against protesters, rights group says

Amnesty International says that soldiers implicated in atrocity crimes against ethnic minorities now operating in Myanmar’s cities

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