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Another Catholic church in Myanmar hit by military junta’s airstrike

In southeast Myanmar, at least 654 houses and other civilian properties — including churches and schools — have been destroyed since May

Protestant Church in Pakistan hits Hindu extremist violence against Christians in...

India, the world’s second-most populous country after China, is ranked 10th on the World Watch List for the persecution of Christians

More places of worship burned down by junta soldiers in Myanmar

Rights groups called on the international community "to take effective measures to stop the junta before more innocent lives are lost"

22 Catholic missionaries killed around the world in 2021, says report

There were at least 22 Catholic missionaries who were killed around the world in 2021, half of them in Africa, according to a report...

Myanmar junta troops intensify attacks, continue to target Catholic churches

Priests and nuns were reported to have been forced to flee and hide "in a safe place" as troops looted convents

Detained doctors, nurses of Church-run clinic in Myanmar released

The health workers were arrested by soldiers of the military junta during a raid on the Catholic Church’s Mercy Clinic

Junta soldiers raid Church-run health clinic in Myanmar, arrest doctors, nurses

A human rights group condemned the attack, saying it is a violation of international humanitarian laws

Seven churches damaged by artillery strikes in Myanmar, says report

Government troops reportedly fired artillery “without specific targets,” hitting civilian homes, including churches

Catholic cathedral hit by artillery shelling in Myanmar’s Shan state, says...

A source said that five artillery shells “fell on the church,” which was identified as the “Phekone Cathedral Church of Sacred Heart”

Soldiers torch church, homes in Myanmar’s Chin State

A local human rights group called the reported burning of a Baptist church and homes a “war crime” under international law

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