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Photo gallery: Bangladeshis remember protection of Mother Mary

The villagers — Christians, Muslims and Hindus — began to pray to Mother Mary as Pakistani troops surrounded church

Fire destroys homes of thousands in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

‘Another devastating blow’ for people who’ve ‘endured unspeakable hardship for years’

Coronavirus slows safety reforms in Bangladesh’s ship-breaking industry

Most of the world's end-of-life ships, often full of toxic substances, are broken down by hand in South Asia

Rohingya coerced into going to remote island, refugees and aid workers...

Anonymous govt official says refugees being moved because there was little prospect of repatriating them to Myanmar

Uskup Agung Dhaka yang baru prioritaskan karya solidaritas dan dialog

Uskup Agung Dhaka yang baru dilantik Mgr Bejoy Nichephorus D'Cruze mengatakan bahwa prioritasnya adalah bekerja untuk solidaritas dan dialog di Bangladesh yang mayoritas Muslim.

New archbishop of Dhaka vows to work for solidarity, dialogue

Unity and communion can bring the heavenly blessings of joy and peace, Archbishop Bejoy Nichephorus D’Cruze says

Rights groups call on Bangladesh to halt intimidating activists, victims’ families

A climate of fear has been created that undermines necessary protections for civic space, rights group says

ASEAN urged to act on worsening Rohingya crisis

APHR notes Myanmar 'continues to demonstrate no desire to solve the protracted issues, or restore the rights of Rohingya'

ASEAN didesak segera mengambil tindakan atas krisis Rohingya

Perhimpunan legislator Asia Tenggara meminta Asosiai Negara-Negara Asia Tenggara untuk mempercepat tanggapannya terhadap krisis yang memburuk di Negara Bagian Rakhine, Myanmar.

Gang violence displaces Rohingya families in Bangladesh refugee camps

Refugees live in fear as gangs compete for dominance in sprawling camps

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