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Kristen Bangladesh minta pengamanan khusus Natal

Para pemimpin Kristen bertemu dengan menteri dalam negeri Bangladesh untuk meminta agar perayaan Natal tahun ini dijaga secara khusus.

Bangladeshi Christians seek special security for Christmas

One priest asked the home minister for permission to work with Catholic prisoners during the Christmas season

Rights groups launch Myanmar boycott ahead of Hague genocide hearings

Myanmar has denied almost all allegations made by refugees against its troops, including of mass rape, killings and arson

Bangladesh education ban devastates a generation of Rohingya children, rights group...

Aid groups are not allowed to provide proper schooling for children in refugee camps

Bangladesh sentences seven to death for 2016 cafe attack

Convicted men belong to a group that seeks to establish sharia rule in the predominantly Muslim country

Abused Bangladeshi housemaids struggle for justice at home

Many Bangladeshi women said Middle East recruiting agents beat, throttled and starved them to force them to return to abusive employers

Bangladesh sentences 16 to death for killing teenager in harassment case

The principal of a religious school in Bangladesh was among 16 people sentenced to death for the murder of a teenage girl...

Bangladesh MP ‘hired 8 lookalikes’ to sit university exams

A Bangladesh lawmaker has been expelled from university after allegedly hiring as many as eight lookalikes to take her place in exams,...

Bangladesh to move Rohingya to flood-prone island next month

Bangladesh will start relocating Rohingya Muslims to a flood-prone island off its coast next month as several thousand refugees have agreed to...

Deadly riot in Bangladesh over Islam post on Facebook

At least four people were killed in southern Bangladesh after police clashed with rioting Muslims incensed over an allegedly derogatory remark about...

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