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Gereja Katolik mencari cara mewartakan Injil di Jepang

Gereja Katolik di Jepang terus berupaya menemukan cara untuk mewartakan Injil, meskipun muncul berbagai tantangan yang menghalangi upaya evangelisasi di negara tersebut, kata Mgr....

Nuns, priests march in Manila against ‘attacks’ on govt critics

Religious leaders called on Christian churches to work together to defend the sanctity of life, protect defenders of the faith

Catholic Church struggling to proclaim Gospel in Japan

The Catholic Church in Japan is still managing to find ways to proclaim the Gospel, despite many hurdles springing up to block evangelization efforts,...

Top Taiwan churchman doubts Vatican, China deal exists

Beijing is not sincere, the Holy See understands that now, priest says

Imam, biarawati Filipina menangkis serangan terhadap pengkritik pemerintah

Para imam dan biarawati yang tergabung dalam Asosiasi Para Pemimpin Tarekat Religius di Filipina memimpin pawai di ibu kota Manila pada 5 November untuk...

Peeking through the Great Firewall at the Hong Kong protests

Foreign media has shaped some sympathetic mainland Chinese views on the protests, but fear of the state will ensure the unrest doesn’t spread

Religious images among prized possessions Filipino quake victims saved

Thousands of families continue to stay in the open, waiting for donations and tents to protect them from the elements

Catholics attempting to save church win concessions from Chinese authorities

The confrontation in China’s Hebei province follows church closures in Jiangxi and Fujian in recent weeks

All Souls’ Day in the Philippines

Church leaders remind faithful that the day is meant to be dedicated to the solemn remembrance of the dead

Timor-Leste marks 30 years since Pope St John Paul II’s visit

More than 5,000 Catholics in Timor-Leste gathered in Dili on Oct. 30, to mark the visit of Pope St. John Paul II to the...

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