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Filipinos urged to be on guard against online sexual exploitation of...

Online sex abuse of children has spiked during pandemic, says child rights group

Nuns call attention to online sex abuse of Filipino children during...

Church groups commended for sounding alarm about increased vulnerability of children during pandemic

SPOTLIGHT: Pandemic worsens situation of young mothers in conflict areas

People in conflict areas are left with nowhere to go as aid deliveries have lessened or stopped due to travel restrictions

Mothers and their babies locked up in Cambodian prisons

In Cambodia, children are forced to serve time with poor mothers convicted of petty crimes

Schools closed, but indoctrination persists in North Korea

Children reportedly hail new coronavirus as break from mandatory labor

Cambodia’s brick factory workers carry debt across generations

Large loans, low pay keep Cambodians stuck in slavery-like conditions

Rights group says Tibetans ‘denied mother tongue’ in schools

China accused of 'violating international legal obligations' to provide Tibetan language schooling

Fulfilling a special need for India’s children

A sister from India's south finds solace in raising northern Indian kids with special needs to educational heights beyond society's expectations

The price of poverty: Pakistani Christians sold as child brides in...

Many find themselves stuck in China’s poorest communities, where the one-child policy has led to an overabundance of men and too few women

Philippine Church moves to check clergy sexual abuse

Cases of clergy sexual abuse have more than a few to renounce their faith and turn to other religions for spiritual guidance

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