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Doctor claims Chinese authorities tried to cover up COVID-19 outbreak

By the time Wuhan went into lockdown, central hospital was receiving 2,500 cases per day

Tibetan monk dies from beating in custody

Monk had briefly distributed leaflets and shouted slogans calling for Tibetan independence outside govt office, rights group says

US declares genocide being committed in China’s Xinjiang

I believe this genocide is ongoing, and that we are witnessing the systematic attempt to destroy Uyghurs by the Chinese party-state, says US Secretary of State

‘Chilling effect’: Hong Kong civil servants told to take pro-govt oath

The whole environment for civil servants will change because of this, academic says

US commission says China possibly committed ‘genocide’ against Xinjiang Muslims

US genocide declaration would mean countries would have to think hard about allowing companies to do business with Xinjiang

Reward offered for informing on religious activities in Chinese city under...

Authorities in Hebei province implement tip-off system, says leaked document

Chinese seeking redress for abuses linked to COVID-19 are targeted, rights...

Because of the suppression of critical voices in China there may never be an honest accounting of the state’s role, Human Rights Watch says

Beijing rebuked for ‘grievous attack’ on Hong Kong freedoms

Arrests fuel concerns that the city has taken a swift authoritarian turn

Over 50 Hong Kong democracy activists arrested under national security law

Arrests included well known democratic figures and former lawmakers James To, Lam Cheuk-ting and Lester Shum

China threatens lawyers of arrested Hong Kong activists

Legal system in mainland China is controlled by ruling Communist Party

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