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Calls for protest march in Hong Kong as China pushes new...

A previous attempt to adopt similar legislation in 2003 was met with a protest that drew around half a million people onto the streets and was eventually shelved

Taiwan president rejects Beijing rule; China says ‘reunification’ inevitable

In a speech after being sworn in for her second and final term in office, President Tsai Ing-wen said relations between Taiwan and China had reached an historical turning point

Taiwan rejects China’s main condition for WHO participation

Taiwan says that only its democratically elected govt can speak for the island's 23 million people

US commission says Taiwan’s WHO exclusion caused lives to be lost

One of Taiwan's main complaints is that the WHO ignored its request for information in late December on the potential for human-to-human transmission

China’s wolf warrior diplomats aren’t fooling anyone but themselves

Consequences of the Chinese regime’s over-vaunted estimation of its own cunning could have dangerous consequences for the world

Chinese woman sentenced to four years jail for social media posts

Her defense lawyer said her treatment resembles detention practices from the Cultural Revolution

Polisi gerebek acara gereja di Cina, sembilan orang ditahan

Polisi di kota Xiamen, Cina tenggara, menggerebek sebuah pertemuan gereja Protestan pada akhir pekan dan menahan setidaknya sembilan orang.

Business booms for ‘yellow’ firms backing Hong Kong protest movement

Stepping up an economic campaign that took root amid protests last year, mobile apps and shop banners guide consumers to yellow businesses across the city

Taiwan rebuffs WHO, says China has no right to represent it

Only democratically-elected Taiwanese govt can represent the nation’s 23 million people in international community, says Taiwan spokeswoman

Police raid religious gathering in China, detain at least nine people

China has resumed its crackdown against Christian groups after the threat of the coronavirus pandemic started to decline, group says

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