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Leaked documents reveal China’s mass brainwashing’ camps

But Chinese officials call documents ‘fake news’

Simon Cheng lodges complaint over ‘China forced confession’ broadcast

CCTV showed the footage not long after Cheng spoke of being tortured while in detention for 15 days

Documents confirm China committing ‘very significant’ Xinjiang abuses

Human rights abuses are not random, they’re intentional and ongoing, says U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Leaked papers expose China’s ‘brainwashing’ of Uyghurs

Party leader orders administrators to run the camps as top security prisons

Once-illegitimate Chinese bishop dies aged 90

Obituary said the bishop had to undergo re-education for over ten years

Catholics jump the Great Firewall of China

Priest said he was once ‘taken for tea’ by officials and warned for using a VPN

Leaked Chinese govt documents show details of Xinjiang clampdown

New York Times said documents were leaked by a member of the Chinese political establishment

Choking and crying, Hong Kong protesters pinned back on campus

Hong Kong police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on Nov. 18 to force back pro-democracy protesters trying to escape a university...

Uyghur activist: ‘Never again’ is happening once more to my people

‘Our very own identity has become our crime ... We are facing extinction because of the way we look, because of the way we pray’

The world is witnessing ‘genocide by incarceration’ in China’s Xinjiang

Activists and witnesses accuse China of using torture to force Uyghurs into integrating with the Chinese ethnic Han majority

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