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Al Jazeera report prompts further govt attacks on migrants in Malaysia

Documentary on immigration raids during lockdown opens up a wider debate on xenophobia and an impending employment crisis in the country

Tribal people in India oppose new commercial coal mining plans

Federal govt will auction 41 coal blocks for commercial mining located in biodiversity-rich forest areas

Islamists try scuppering Hindu temple construction in Pakistani capital

High court dismisses petitions, now issue in the hands of Islamic council

Doubts, suspicions as Indian govt cuts certain subjects from high school...

Among subjects dropped are those covering federalism, citizenship, nationalism, secularism, regional aspirations

Facebook seen as a vehicle enflaming already existing social divisions in...

To address concerns, Facebook says they now have 120 plus Burmese speakers monitoring their platform for hate speech

Pakistani church leader hits discriminatory job postings

Pakistan’s Christian minorities make up 80 percent of the country’s sanitation workforce, study says

Tribal woman overcomes India’s caste system, becomes university vice-chancellor

During her 3-year tenure, Dr Sonajharia Minz aims to set a foundation so great things can happen

Ahmadis kept off Pakistan’s minorities commission

The nation’s estimated 4 million Ahmadis face widespread abuse and discrimination

People living with HIV face hardships due to COVID-19 lockdown

It is discrimination and stigma that kill people living with HIV, not the disease itself

Under watch: Indian city workers protest digital surveillance

Workers in the city of Chandigarh mandated to wear the GPS watches during their working hours

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