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Catholic community in India’s south barred from using cemetery

Local govt’s blocking of Mass on All Souls’ Day at cemetery has further emboldened anti-Christian sentiments, priest says

Caste-based violence against Dalits haunts India’s Uttar Pradesh

Even now Dalits are seen as so ‘impure’ that caste Hindus consider their presence polluting

Outcry over BJP lawmaker’s remarks over 1999 murder of Australian missionary,...

Politicians remarks in parliament seen as another attempt to legitimize anti-Christian sentiment in the country

Coronavirus stigma runs deep and dangerous in Indonesia

Stigma of COVID-19 has stopped many people from getting tested in fear of being shunned

Coronavirus is driving discrimination in Asia, warns Red Cross

Half of those surveyed blamed a specific group for virus spread, with many mentioning Chinese people, immigrants and foreigners

Vietnamese in Cambodia: Stateless, discriminated and in fear of deportation

Ethnic Vietnamese, born and raised in Cambodia, often discriminated against and sometimes victims of violent racist attacks

‘Lower caste’ Catholics in India seek representation in Church’s power structure

India’s Constitution officially abolished caste distinctions in 1949 but its enduring legacy of discrimination continues, including in the Church

Al Jazeera report prompts further govt attacks on migrants in Malaysia

Documentary on immigration raids during lockdown opens up a wider debate on xenophobia and an impending employment crisis in the country

Tribal people in India oppose new commercial coal mining plans

Federal govt will auction 41 coal blocks for commercial mining located in biodiversity-rich forest areas

Islamists try scuppering Hindu temple construction in Pakistani capital

High court dismisses petitions, now issue in the hands of Islamic council

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