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Funding for Catholic schools hit hard by pandemic in Philippines

Some schools face closure, may dismiss workers due to revenue losses from coronavirus

School education struggles during Malaysia’s lockdown

Despite efforts to take lessons online, poverty and teaching staff indifference puts a big dent in children’s education

Philippine Church should tap its schools for coronavirus education

Catholic leaders should not miss the opportunity to help put to rest public fears and spread credible, scientific information to save lives

Rights group says Tibetans ‘denied mother tongue’ in schools

China accused of 'violating international legal obligations' to provide Tibetan language schooling

Fulfilling a special need for India’s children

A sister from India's south finds solace in raising northern Indian kids with special needs to educational heights beyond society's expectations

Pope calls for educational approach that ‘brings people into the...

Stress put on invlusivity and ‘ecological ethic’

Higher learning? Students lament China’s intensifying ideological education

Expanded courses on communist theory believed to lock in authoritarian regime

Unable to quell growing public anger, Malaysian education minister falls on...

Given a poisoned chalice, Maszlee Malik’s fall from grace was always on the cards

The wild west of Malaysia’s tahfiz religious schools

Despite their fair share of scandals, they are operating without licence nor accountability

Bangladesh education ban devastates a generation of Rohingya children, rights group...

Aid groups are not allowed to provide proper schooling for children in refugee camps

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