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Pope Francis’ advice on retirement: Leave ‘a legacy of good, rather...

The pope said that retirement can be a “time to leave a good legacy of wisdom, tenderness, and gifts for the family and the community”

Pope Francis invites grandparents to join a ‘spiritual and non-violent revolution’

In his message, Pope Francis described how the elderly could take part in the “revolution of tenderness”

Pope Francis: Faith is not something only ‘for old people’

“The practice of faith is not the symbol of our weakness, but rather the sign of its strength,” said Pope Francis

Pope Francis speaks of family relations, elderly, mothers-in-law

“And to you, mothers-in-law, I say: be careful with your tongue, because its misuse is one of the worst sins of mothers-in-law. Be careful.”

Pope Francis tells pilgrims his knee is ‘still not healing’

“They say that this only happens to elderly people and I don’t know why it happened to me...”

Pope Francis: To discard the elderly ‘is a grave sin’

“Please, care for old people because they are the presence of history, the presence of the family."

Pope Francis: My grandfather taught me to loathe war

Pope Francis offered a “personal testimony” to the power of hearing an elderly person tell their life story

Elderly care homes in eye of Hong Kong’s deadly COVID storm

In less than three months, the fifth wave's 600,000 confirmed infections have eclipsed the 12,000 recorded in the pandemic's first two years

Pope Francis decries excessive ‘exaltation of youth’ as he begins new...

The pope noted that as the average age of populations continued to rise, the “elderly are often seen as a burden”

Volunteer pedicurists help Hong Kong’s elderly

While Hong Kong has a public healthcare system, many complain they have to wait for long periods to be seen

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