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Sand mining in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta sinks homes, livelihoods

At the current extraction rate of 35-55 million cubic metres a year, there will be no more sand by 2035, according to the WWF-led study

Christians, Sikhs urged to ‘join hands’ to battle climate crisis

The Vatican also stressed the role of religious leaders and interreligious dialogue in fostering collaboration for environmental protection

In special meeting, Pope Francis talks peace, war, climate with kids...

Some children also asked the pope more personal questions, like what he dreams about at night and who his friends are

Hidden wonders beneath the surface: Freshwater Dolphins

Their survival is intrinsically tied to the health of our freshwater ecosystems, a reminder that their fate is intertwined with our own

Filipino mayor, Chinese recycler among top UN environmental honorees

UNEP’s annual award, given on Monday, is the U.N.’s highest environmental honor, recognizing conservation and sustainability trailblazers

SPOTLIGHT: Enchanted Gardens | Fermenting hope among leftovers

Communities 'bokashi' to fight climate change and food waste in the Philippines

‘Ghost of the mountains’

One of the fundamental strategies for conserving snow leopards is the establishment of protected areas and reserves in their habitats

Northeast India flood: Man-made disaster worsened by climate change

South Lhonak, at 5,200 meters (17,060 feet), is one of the largest and fastest-growing glacial water reservoirs that feed into the Teesta

‘Double-sided’ reflections on Artificial Intelligence

Without the proper values and principles as guidance, what should be tools for our benefit would only become false solutions

Filipino bishops and laity fighting for justice and human rights

Human rights defenders are the true heroes who were not lauded, recognized, or praised for their commitment and dedication

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