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Watch: Parish in Malaysia goes green, embraces Laudato si’

What does it take to become the country's greenest parish?

Pope commits Vatican to net zero carbon emissions by 2050

Vatican is now recycling 65 percent of its waste and aimed to reach 75 percent in 2023

‘We’re dying a slow death’: New Delhi’s poisonous air a perennial...

For a sprawling metropolis of 18 million, there are only 40 field staff to enforce environment standards

COVID-19 strangles wildlife rescue centers in Southeast Asia

Lack of tourism is impacting wildlife rescue centers, puts endangered animals further at risk and hurts local communities

Philippines ranks fourth in countries most affected by disasters

Some 149 million Filipinos affected by natural disasters during past two decades

Young Filipino lawyer works for environment to express faith

If you believe in God, you must do something to protect the things He created, she says

Pull investments from companies not committed to environment, pope says

In TED video message pope says the current economic system is unsustainable

When communist China waged war on little brown birds

Up to 45 million men, women, and children died in devastating famine that followed ‘sparrow-cide’

Some Philippine Catholic Church institutions accept ‘dirty donations’

Several clergy members say some religious leaders and church institutions ‘solicit’ donations from mining and coal operators

‘Water has done miracles for us’

Caritas water management training helps struggling farming communities in India

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