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Religious congregations in Philippines pledge to divest from ‘dirty’ coal

Representatives of religious orders of men and women have signed a manifesto expressing full commitment to advance the coal divestment movement

Asian church leaders join pope’s call for care for creation

Pope expressed hope that people's commitment will help to create and strengthen constructive behaviors for the care of creation

Plastic piles up in Thailand as pandemic efforts sideline pollution fight

Environmentalists fear Thailand is simply a pointer for the situation elsewhere in Southeast Asia

Gas leak at South Korea-owned factory in India kills 9, hundreds...

Incident evokes memories of a gas leak at a factory that killed thousands in the central Indian city of Bhopal in 1984

Severe ecological disaster looms in remote Philippine island

Mining operations on the island of Homonhon uses a process that they will decimate the island's flora and fauna

Pope calls for solidarity against pandemic, climate crises on Earth Day

We need a new way of looking at our common home, pope says

Philippine villagers decry mining operation amid lockdown

Residents of Homonhon Island in the central Philippines are worried over the potential health risk posed by the loading of the chromite ore

On Earth Day, Green activists cite need for clean environment to...

Environmental experts in Manila warned that "serious unresolved environmental issues" will contribute to the re-emergence of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. Ahead...

Photo gallery: Fishing village struggles to survive amid the pandemic

In recent years, the fisherfolk have been complaining of lesser catch

Chinese dams held back Mekong waters during drought, study finds

The effect of China's 11 dams on the upper Mekong has long been debated, but data has been scarce

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