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The Philippines is finally going after plastic producers, but some companies...

There are some companies, which may not have sustainability as a priority, that are still in denial that they are mandated to do the EPR law

Harmful invasive plant and animal species pose severe threat to nature:...

Invasive plant and animal species that have been relocated from their original habitats due to human actions are causing massive economic impacts and immeasurable...

Pope Francis to release second Laudato Si’ on Oct. 4

Pope Francis said Aug. 30 that the second part to Laudato Si’ would be the kind of papal document known as an “exhortation.”

Whale Sharks: Guardians of the ocean under threat

These filter-feeding marvels roam the open waters, traveling vast distances and captivating the imagination of all who encounter them

‘Stop the dump’: Pacific communities protest Japan’s release of treated nuclear...

Japan approved the plan but various stakeholders raised alarm about its impact not just in Japan but also in the Pacific region

Drought in Sri Lanka devastates farmland and fuels poaching

As rice production declines, an imminent shortage is anticipated, which will likely result in sharp price hike

In the shadows of extinction: Orangutans and their battle for survival

Deforestation strips away not only the orangutans' home but also that of countless other species, threatening the balance of ecosystems

‘Slow disaster’: Indonesians in sinking village forced to adapt

Residents have elevated the floors of their homes by adding soil and then installing wooden decks to keep themselves dry as the floods become more severe

Research shows deep-sea mining has long-lasting impact on marine biodiversity 

A short two-hour mining test caused a significant decrease in fish and shrimp populations in the surrounding vicinity

NGO accuses Chinese renewables firms of abuses in 18 countries

Of the total alleged cases of abuse across 18 countries by Chinese firms, the NGO found 27 in Indonesia, 16 in Peru, 11 in Myanmar

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