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Pope Francis’ 2024 Lenten message: ‘Lent is a season of conversion,...

The pope has encouraged the faithful to undertake an interior examination by asking: “Do we hear that cry? Does it trouble us?"

Pope Francis: ‘The devil always takes away your freedom’

Pope Francis encouraged people to learn how to “say ‘no’ to the temptations of evil before they creep into the soul”

Pope Francis: Freedom is under threat in Europe

Pope Francis spoke about Europe, its roots, and the problem of consumerism during his weekly audience with the public

Pope Francis warns of technological domination, threat to human ecology

Pope Francis also warned of the “false notion of freedom” offered by the ideologies of communism and consumerism

New report says civic space across Asia still ‘repressed’

The report, “People Power Under Attack 2022,” shows that out of 26 countries or territories in Asia, seven are rated as “closed”

Pope Francis: Freedom is found in offering to God what is...

He said that good choices could benefit all areas of our lives because they are “participation in God’s creativity"

India at 75, progressing or regressing?

Amid the jubilation and the fluttering tricolors, it’s time for introspection. Are all Indians truly free?

Whose Freedom@75?

If we truly want to celebrate this land mark event, we all first need to ask “Whose freedom@75?” and start doing something

August ninth spells ‘freedom’

August 9 is pregnant with meaning and hopefully it will continue to be so

Pope Francis on the Ascension: Christ ‘does not want to limit...

"Ascending to Heaven, instead of remaining beside a few people with his body, Jesus becomes close to all with the Holy Spirit"

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