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Hong Kong pro-democracy leader attacked with hammers and knives

Staff working at a nearby garage tried to intervene and stop the attack but were threatened at knifepoint

Hong Kong leader Lam abandons policy speech after protests

Session was adjourned after opposition lawmakers donned face Xi Jinping masks, chanted slogans

Many ordinary Chinese support Hong Kong pro-democracy protests, dissident says

In their ‘hearts they support Hong Kong’ but they’re too scared to say so

Xi warns moves to divide China will end in ‘shattered bones’

Notice given as anti-riot police and protesters again clashed in Hong Kong over the weekend

Apple under fire for pulling Hong Kong mapping app

Chinese authorities becoming increasingly aggressive in using China’s economic might

Hong Kong protests: The Catholic factor

The Vatican has been silent on the Hong Kong protests, but it has to speak sooner or later, not with words but through a momentous decision

Photo story: Hong Kong police response to protests increasingly violent

Images show police responding violently to protestors, many of whom are teenagers

China’s tightening grip lit Hong Kong protests: Amnesty

Beijing and Hong Kong leadership have for years been chipping away at the special status that Hong Kong is supposed to enjoy

Praise Twitter for banning China’s influence op against Hong Kong

Social media giant puts profits on the line to bolster freedom of speech

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