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Hong Kong police fire pepper balls at protesters opposed to election...

Hundreds of marchers waved placards and chanted popular anti-govt slogans such as ‘liberate Hong Kong’

UN experts decry Hong Kong security law in letter to China

Experts express concern that many legitimate activities of human rights defenders in Hong Kong would be redefined as illegal

Hong Kong health workers, activists urge boycott of mass testing

Universal testing not an efficient use of resources, says medico group who urge focused tests instead

Hong Kong police arrest pro-democracy lawmakers

Two Democratic Party members of Hong Kong's Legislative Council arrested over pro-democracy protests from last year

Shocked Hong Kong in a new era under ‘white knuckle’ China...

Quelling of open dissent and the scrubbing of social media accounts do not mean convictions have changed, some say

Hong Kong police arrest four under new security law in move...

Gross misuse of draconian law makes clear its aim is to silence dissent, not protect national security, says rights group director

Hong Kong University sacks veteran democracy activist

Governing council decision reversed an earlier decision by the university senate that there were not enough grounds for a dismissal

Hong Kong protesters gather on anniversary of mob attack

The Yuen Long attack, and the police's apparent failure to prevent it, exacerbated tensions during protests last year

Young Hong Kong democrats seek new political order under shadow of...

Democrats are hoping to secure a majority in the city's 70-seat legislature for the first time, riding a wave of anti-Beijing sentiment

Trump ends preferential status for Hong Kong

Hong Kong will now be treated the same as mainland China, Trump says

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