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Cambodia releases political prisoners: ‘I should never have been arrested’

In the Southeast Asian nation, the political mood is slowly but surely changing

Uyghur activist: ‘Never again’ is happening once more to my people

‘Our very own identity has become our crime ... We are facing extinction because of the way we look, because of the way we pray’

Hong Kong students prepare for showdown amid talk of curfew

Dozens of riot police gathered outside several universities as students fortified their positions

The world is witnessing ‘genocide by incarceration’ in China’s Xinjiang

Activists and witnesses accuse China of using torture to force Uyghurs into integrating with the Chinese ethnic Han majority

Hong Kong protesters continue to ‘fight for their future’

Scores of riot police tried to disperse crowds, beating some with batons near the city's stock exchange

Flash mob rallies in downtown Hong Kong financial district

‘I won't take part in the attacks, I am here to try to protect the kids,’ female office worker says

Ketidakpedulian bisa mengubah Marawi menjadi markas teroris

Ketidakpedulian dan janji-janji pemerintah yang tidak ditepati menciptakan peluang sempurna bagi perekrutan teroris di Marawi, sebuah kota di Filipina selatan yang hancur oleh perang...

Gambia files Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar at UN court

West African nation also claims the 600,000 Rohingya who did not flee Myanmar are at serious risk of further atrocities

Neglect can turn Marawi into a breeding ground for terrorists

Some government officials claim that residents deserved their fate because they had allowed the city to become a hub for extremist groups

Churches decry red tagging of Philippine Protestant council

National Council of Churches in the Philippines has consistently spoken out against the government's anti-narcotics ‘war’

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