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Pope John Paul I on way to sainthood

Pope Francis has authorized the promulgation of a decree advancing the causes for the canonization of Pope John Paul I

Thailand to re-open to vaccinated tourists from November

COVID-related travel restrictions have left the economy battered, contributing to its worst performance in more than 20 years

Maria Ressa: Philippine pillar of press freedom

"I'm not a sole reporter .... My job is to hold up the ceiling, it has been for a while… so that our folks can continue working," said Ressa

‘An amazing ride’: study offers dengue treatment hope

Tests in cell cultures and mice found that a newly identified compound can effectively disarm dengue

SPOTLIGHT: Catholic school in rural Thai village responds to pope’s call...

The school has partnered with an international school in Bangkok to develop mindfulness and life-skills for its students and staff

Archdiocese of Bangkok releases first-ever Catholic NFT

The Archdiocese of Bangkok is releasing the first-ever public NFT token minted officially by the Catholic Church via Kalamint.io

What God has joined together

Jesus is inviting us to make an act of faith in marriage as a covenant that can be made stable by faith in the God who is Love

Great-grandmother keeps Indian martial art alive

The great-grandmother in Kerala, southern India, has been a driving force in the revival of the ancient kalaripayattu

SPOTLIGHT: Philippine youths use recycled plastic to combat plastic pollution

For local youths of Odiongan, the battle against plastic waste pollution is "a mission"

Bangladesh mother and son reunited after 70 years

"This is the happiest day of my life," said the 82-year-old man from Brahmanbaria, the eastern border district where he was born in 1939

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