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Indonesian teacher dons clown costume to inspire children to learn the...

The teacher dons a colorful clown costume, replete with white and pink face makeup and a red nose, to teach reading

SPOTLIGHT: A place of worship and vaccination

A Catholic church near Bangkok's biggest slum is helping to fight the pandemic by hosting a COVID-19 vaccination center

Pope Francis prays for India as thousands more die of COVID-19

'My thoughts go above all to the sick and their families, to those who care for them... to those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones'

Catholic man in Jakarta starts blood donation drive for remote Indonesian...

Donating blood to the troubled area "is a gesture of profound humanity that goes beyond social status," said the man behind the campaign

Catholic archdiocese in India offers free lunch to relatives of COVID-19...

The Archdiocese of Ranchi has launched a free lunch service for relatives of patients hospitalized at a public hospital in the city

Philippine health workers bring COVID-19 vaccines to bedridden residents

Ensuring that vulnerable people get vaccinated is vital to limit their health risks because many live in extended households

WATCH: Roadside ‘community pantries’ pop up in Philippine capital

A “community pantry” set up in the village of Maginhawa in the Philippine capital inspired other villages to start their own

Catholic Church opens doors to Ramadan dinners

"We are all the same… If you are Catholic or of another religion and I am Muslim, that's fine"

Philippine diocese launches cause for sainthood of slain Claretian missionary priest

Claretian missionary priest Rhoel Gallardo died on May 3, 2000, in an encounter between government forces and Abu Sayyaf Group fighters

India’s first 3D-printed home offers affordable housing ‘solution’

In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, an affordable and customizable home was built in just five days

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