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Indian nun, companions shelter women, children fleeing war in Ukraine

The nun said the infant and her mother reminded her of Joseph and Mary fleeing Bethlehem to Egypt with the infant Jesus

Asian workers pushed to upskill as pandemic quickens digital shift

The pandemic accelerated digitization and automation by governments and firms, but there is a risk of widening inequality

Dalit woman becomes mayor of one of India’s biggest cities

Priya Rajan, 28, is the youngest person and third woman to hold the position since the Greater Chennai Corporation was founded 334 years ago

Indian nun among sisters helping stranded foreign students in Ukraine

Sister Payyappilly gives shelter and food to distressed students aside from helping them cross the Ukrainian border to escape

Indian missionary nuns decide to stay in Ukraine to serve displaced...

Sisters Rosela Nuthangi and Ann Frida said they are ready to risk their lives to serve people fleeing the war and the injured

‘Woven air’: Bangladesh revives elite forgotten fabric

The textile once brought magnificent riches to the lands where it was spun

Photos: ‘Today, if you will hear His voice, harden not your...

March 2, 2022, Ash Wednesday, marked the beginning of the “new normal” in the Philippine capital and 38 other areas in the country

In northern Philippine town, faithful drink, dance before Ash Wednesday

The tradition traces its roots to the arrival of Christianity in the Philippines when Spanish missionaries celebrate “Shrove Tuesday”

At age 14, “I sensed that I was being sold for...

Human trafficking for commercial sex continues to be a challenge in India, but since 2018, a Catholic project has been able to rescue 10,161 victims

Indian village banks on tree mortgages in bid to go carbon-neutral

Tree-planting initiatives are taking root worldwide as governments and corporations look for ways to cut planet-warming emissions

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