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Lifting of deployment ban on Filipino workers to Kuwait deplored

Labor groups accuse govt of breaking its word, adding that announcement is ‘inappropriate, if not downright insensitive’

Cardinal Tagle: ‘Overseas Filipino worker’

The Philippines has sent nearly a tenth of the total population of 104 million — and counting — to the four corners of the world

Philippine town pays last respects to woman who dared to dream

Migrant worker Jeanelyn Villavende was allegedly beaten to her death by her Kuwaiti employers

Tourist visa scam traps Indian migrants in abusive jobs in UAE

Workers, police and lawyers said the practice is on the rise in a nation with more than 3 million Indian migrants

Grief, horror grip Philippine town as remains of slain migrant worker...

The Philippines said it is considering a total ban on sending workers to Kuwait following the brutal death of 26-year-old woman

Bodies of Filipino migrant workers killed in ‘freak accident’ return home

Women having picnic killed by car which rammed through a metal railing outside a Singaporean shopping mall

Baby or a job? Stark choice for Taiwan’s migrant workers

Weak enforcement of Taiwanese labor law leaves migrant workers at risk of exploitation

Major brands found failing to help Thai seafood sector tackle slavery

Most buyers ‘only concerned about meeting the minimum ethical standards and were more focused on pricing’

Abused Bangladeshi housemaids struggle for justice at home

Many Bangladeshi women said Middle East recruiting agents beat, throttled and starved them to force them to return to abusive employers

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