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Global labor migration increases by five million, says new report

The COVID-19 crisis has intensified vulnerabilities in working in foreign lands, particularly for women migrant workers

Philippines suspends deployment of Filipino workers to Saudi Arabia

Filipino workers are reportedly being required by their employers to shoulder the costs of health and safety protocol for COVID-19

Philippines welcomes Hong Kong’s suspension of mandatory vaccination for foreign workers

Hong Kong announced it would reexamine the vaccine requirement for domestic helpers following complaints raised from some sectors

Catholic bishop questions mandatory vaccination for migrant workers in Hong Kong

Philippine Bishop Ruperto Santo said the "personal health and consent of persons” should be taken into consideration prior to vaccination

Amid India’s COVID spike migrant workers still traumatized by 2020 lockdown

Catholic Church launches program to support and protect internal migrant workers in various Indian states

Migrants who help sustain Indian economy left on the margins

Migrant workers have poor access to health services, social protection, education, housing and sanitation, food and water, and other utilities

Watch: Pandemic deepens woes of migrant workers

Working away from home, migrant workers face various challenges

Once heroes, India’s ex-Gulf workers forge new futures

Once they came home wealthy and revered, bearing gold, sunglasses, clothes and funds to buy homes, now they return penniless

SPOTLIGHT: Migrant workforce woes bite Malaysia hard during crisis

Govt discovering its neglect of foreign labour is now exacting a heavy toll

Watch: Life remains restrictive for Singapore’s migrant workers

It’s been one year since new coronavirus hit foreign worker dormitories in the city, forcing a lockdown

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