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Watch: People in Myanmar explain why they’ve joined anti-coup protests

Millions of people have joined largely peaceful protests to call for the military to relinquish power

Sister Rose: The nun who put herself on the line for...

Nun said she wanted to flee, but felt pity for the people, ‘so I decided to stay, and to die if it is necessary’

At least 18 dead as junta cracks down on anti-coup protests...

Deaths occurred as a result of live ammunition fired into crowds by security forces in at least five cities

Don’t let hate overtake Myanmar, let us all believe in the...

This golden land is a blessed land, but the greatest blessing is the blessing of peace

Myanmar: The revolution will be Facebook-lived

Although Facebook was banned by the junta after it emerged as a platform for opposition, downloads of VPNs to skirt the block have surged

Supporters of Myanmar coup attack rivals in Yangon

Some military supporters were photographed with clubs and knives, others threw stones and fired catapults

Neighbors’ efforts to help end Myanmar crisis raise suspicions among protesters

The crisis has restored Myanmar's reputation as the problem member of the 10-country ASEAN

Western countries step up pressure on Myanmar junta as protesters defy...

Coup leader Min Aung Hlaing has called for state spending and imports to be cut and exports increased to boost economy

Myanmar’s Catholic bishops call for dialogue as tension continues to rise

As a nation known for its pristine spiritual spring, let us invest our energy in reconciliation, bishops say

Strike grips Myanmar, anti-coup protesters defy junta’s lethal warning

Three weeks after seizing power, the military have failed to stop daily protests and a civil disobedience movement

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