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Catholic priest threatened at gunpoint in Myanmar

The UN said it feared a wider human rights catastrophe amid reports of thousands of troops massing in the north and west of the country

Puji Tuhan, imam dan katekis yang diculik milisi Myanmar dibebaskan

Imam Katolik dan seorang katekis yang diculik bulan lalu oleh sekelompok milisi bersenjata di negara bagian Chin Myanmar dibebaskan pada 4 Agustus.

Abducted Catholic priest, catechist freed by Myanmar’s resistance movement

The abducted priest and catechist were reportedly released through the intercession of local church leaders

Myanmar Catholic bishop appeals for release of priest, catechist nabbed by...

Father Noel Hrang Tin Thang and a catechist were traveling from the town of Surkhua to Hakha when nabbed by a group of activists

Authorities release detained Catholic priest in Myanmar

Father Columban Lar Di was arrested by soldiers on May 13 while traveling from Banmaw to Myitkyina

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