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Korean Catholic church leader renews call for peace, unity

Cardinal Andrew Soo-jung Yeom urges North and South to engage in a dialogue based on mutual trust, not force

Defectors say South Korea investigations threaten North Korean ‘Underground Railroad’

When North Korean 13 defectors were detained in Vietnam last year, US diplomats came to rescue instead of South Korean authorities, sources say

North Korean women faced torture, rape, malnourishment in detention, says UN...

Women tell investigators how they were abused and treated in North Korean detention centers and prison camps

South Korea revokes licenses of leaflet-sending anti-North groups

North Korean defectors have for years sent anti-North Korea leaflets, along with food, medicine, $1 bills, mini radios and other items into North Korea

Divided Koreas mark 70 years since war began, but no treaty...

Historians have estimated the war may have caused as many as 1 million military deaths and killed several million civilians

North Korea reinstalls border loudspeakers; satellite photos show liaison office standing...

Tension between the two Koreas has risen in recent weeks after the North blew up a joint liaison office on its side of the border

Defectors prepare packages to send to North Korea despite growing tensions

North Korean regime says such activities are an insult to the dignity of their supreme leader

North Korea blows up liaison office on its side of border...

Inter-Korean liaison office was established in 2018 as part of a series of projects aimed at reducing tensions between the two Koreas

North Korea warns of retaliatory actions over defectors in South

Pyongyang is manufacturing a crisis and bullying Seoul to get what it wants, says senior International Crisis Group advisor

Gangnam smile: North Korean defector wins South Korea’s swankiest seat

Defector groups have complained that Moon's administration has suppressed anti-Pyongyang activism while pursuing reconciliation with the Kim regime

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