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North Korea measures to stem COVID-19 worsen abuses, hunger, UN expert...

Deaths by starvation have been reported, as has an increase in number of children and elderly people begging, investigator says

North Korea enslaving political prisoners to fund weapons program, report says

UN estimates up to 200,000 people are held in a vast network of gulags run by Stasi-like secret police

North Korea hackers tried stealing Pfizer vaccine know-how

Intelligence agency claims it foiled North Korean attempts to hack into South Korean companies developing coronavirus vaccines

North Korea cracks down on foreign media, speaking styles

Measures include up to 15 years in a prison camp for those caught with media from South Korea

North Korea still tops countries where Christians face most persecution

‘Being discovered as a Christian in North Korea is a death sentence,’ says Open Doors report

Ex-North Korea diplomat says South’s anti-Pyongyang leaflet ban ‘great mistake’

During the daytime, North Koreans are shouting 'long live Kim Jong Un', but at night they all watch South Korean dramas and movies, he says

Christians in North Korean prisons suffer worst treatment

When a Christian is discovered in North Korea they’re arrested and sent to a labor camp

South Korea urged to do more about human rights in North...

For the second consecutive year South Korean govt did not co-sponsor a UN resolution condemning human rights situation in North Korea

South Korea passes law to ban anti-North Korea leaflets amid activists’...

More than 20 defectors and rights groups in South Korea vowed to challenge the law's constitutionality

South Korea set to criminalize sending of activist balloon packages into...

South Korean govt should abandon its misguided strategy of trying to win favor with Kim Jong Un by cracking down on its own citizens, rights group says

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