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Ethnic Chinese targeted in North Korea for lack of political participation

Move could hurt those who make money through travel and trade

North Korean mother in hot water for failing to save Kim...

Woman unable to treat hospitalized children while probe ongoing

Human rights groups demand Seoul confront abuses in North Korea

Coalition urges South Korea not to 'betray' North Koreans for sake of better ties

North Korean defectors held in Vietnam fear repatriation

Vietnamese authorities called off an attempt to deport the defectors on Nov. 28 after they protested and refused to go

Pembelot Korea Utara berjuang keras membangun kembali kehidupan baru

Setelah memberi makan putrinya yang masih kecil, Kim Hye-jung mencuci piring di apartemennya di Seoul. Itu adalah malam Natal 2005. Ketika telepon rumah berdering, putrinya...

North Korean defectors overcome challenges to rebuild their lives

North Korean defectors arrive in the South empty handed and they will more than likely remain poor

Paus Fransiskus diminta untuk bertemu Kim Jong-un

Kantor Presiden Korea Selatan Moon Jae-in dilaporkan telah meminta Paus Fransiskus untuk bertemu dengan pemimpin Korea Utara Kim Jong-un di zona demiliterisasi yang memisahkan...

Pope Francis was asked to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong-un

There are 300,000 Christians in North Korea who face extreme levels of persecution

Hard labor for cellphone sends jitters among N Korea’s Chinese community

The harsh punishment is just the latest in what appears to be a state clampdown targeting the community

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