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Living on a prayer in India’s Jammu and Kashmir

The members of a small Catholic church in Srinagar feel the weight of India's Kashmiri crackdown

Award-winning Pakistani film suspended over blasphemy row

Filmmaker calls on people to stop ‘spewing hate’ in name of religion

80-plus Islamists get lengthy jail terms over Asia Bibi protests

The violent protests were sparked after the Catholic woman was acquitted of blasphemy charges

No web, no jobs: Kashmiris board the ‘Internet Express’

Govt-enforced internet blackout sees Kashmiris facing a 'dark future'

Hakim Pakistan pangkas hukuman kasus kekerasan terhadap PRT bawah umur

Mahkamah Agung Pakistan telah meringankan hukuman atas mantan hakim Raja Khurram Ali dan istrinya, Maheen Zafar, dari tiga tahun menjadi satu dalam kasus pelecehan...

Pakistani judge slashes sentence in child maid abuse case

Former judge and wife who tortured 10-year-old Tayyaba may soon walk free

The scourge of enforced disappearances

Asia submitted the highest number of cases of enforced disappearance to the United Nations in the last decade.

Pakistan ‘turning a blind eye’ to the trafficking of girls and...

Christian minority targeted by brokers who pay poor parents to marry off their daughters to Chinese men

Pakistan opens corridor to one Sikhism’s holiest shrines

Indian Sikhs now have visa-free access to one of their holiest shrines after Pakistan opened a historic corridor to pilgrims at the weekend. The...

Police in Pakistan tear down Ahmadi mosque

Authorities have torn down a 70-year-old mosque belonging to Pakistan's minority Ahmadi community in eastern Punjab province, a spokesman for the sect said. Police swooped to...

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