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Asian religious leaders express readiness to face challenges of conflict in...

The gathering of religious leaders noted that the region “is not yet in peace and necessitates genuine efforts for further reconciliation”

Ecumenical peace group raises concern over ‘escalating violence’ in southern Philippines

The peace group appealed to the government "to stop aerial bombings as these result to massive destruction and collateral damage"

On wisdom and foolishness

God wills that we employ wisdom to act upon the deformities of our human condition, and to redirect it towards his reign of justice and peace

‘If you want peace, work for justice’

"The victims of our society, despite the deaths they undergo each day, truly desire to live. Let us make them live."

Philippine archbishop speaks of peace at International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest

'Peace is not about the absence of pain and suffering but the realization of God’s presence in the midst of pain and suffering'

Japanese bishop calls for peace on 76th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing

“We know that a world without nuclear weapons does not automatically make for peace,” said Archbishop Joseph Mitsuaki Takami of Nagasaki

Philippine ecumenical peace group urges gov’t, rebels to return to negotiating...

The Philippine Ecumenical Peace Platform made the call a week after a bomb explosion in Masbate City killed two people

Philippine bishops set ‘Day of Prayer’ for peace in Myanmar

On May 30, Filipinos are urged to pray for the “suffering people of Myanmar and in particular for the Church in Myanmar”

Pentecost Sunday: Let the Spirit of Peace and Freedom Shower on...

"Let a new Myanmar of Peace and reconciliation rise through the power of the Holy Spirit"

Pope Francis says politics is ‘highest form of charity’ that war...

Pope Francis said it "hurts my heart" when he sees priests blessing weapons"

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