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Pope Francis encourages Christians to embrace vocation, champion hope and peace

The Pope expressed his desire for World Vocations Day to be a time of gratitude for Christians serving God in various capacities

Pope Francis calls for prayers amid conflicts

Despite suffering from a cold, the Pope personally reiterated his concern for peace and the need for divine intervention

Pursuit of Peace: EDSA, Negros, Gaza, Ukraine, and Elsewhere

"Let us work together to address the issues of poverty and injustice suffered by the poor. We must not allow the continuing bloodbath"

Faith leaders reaffirm commitment to peace in Tokyo

"We denounce war and violence, recognizing its violation of the sacred principle of upholding the sanctity of life and human dignity"

Cardinal Bo: Lent is ‘365 days of real suffering’

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo said Lent teaches the human family great lessons about “liberation from oppression, self-purification, and hope”. 

Pope Francis urges ‘global attention’ and prayers for Rohingya

Pope Francis invited all parties involved "to take steps of dialogue and to clothe themselves with understanding"

Pope Francis stresses dialogue and understanding at International Congress on Islam

The Pope concluded his message by urging participants not to let the dream of fraternity in peace remain confined to words

Ten countries in need of prayers for peace

In many parts of the world, the beginning of the new year will not be a time of peace. They need our prayers

Philippine Churches call for dialogue amidst ‘fragmentation’ 

“We convey high hopes that barriers to peace in our country be resolved through dialogues and negotiations"

Pope Francis expresses concerns over escalation in war

He expressed deep concern about the arms trade behind these conflicts and shared his fear of the military escalation occurring globally

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