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Imran Khan defeated in path to second Pakistan innings

Often described as being impulsive and brash, Khan draws frequently on cricket analogies to describe his political battles

After a year in power, Malaysia’s Madani government falters on reform...

The government of Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim marked its first year in power with various stakeholders pushing for the urgent implementation of political reforms. During its...

Thai govt calls for calm after reformist’s PM bid fails

Pita Limjaroenrat's party won the most seats in May elections, but on Wednesday, he was dramatically suspended from parliament

Young Thai protesters hope for ‘game changer’ election

Many of the young protesters are about to vote for the first time in Thailand's May 14 election

The Gospel is not ‘a political party, an ideology, a club,’...

When there are ideological divisions in the Church, such as an identification as conservative or progressive, “where is the Holy Spirit?”

ASEAN governments urged to stop using ‘lawfare’ against critics

“Lawfare is very common in the Philippines, but is happening everywhere in Southeast Asia and beyond," said Charles Santiago

Pope Francis warns against use of religion as prop for power

"May we never allow the sacred to be exploited by the profane. The sacred must never be a prop for power, nor power a prop for the sacred."

Catholics expect ‘period of political stability’ in East Timor with election...

"The Catholic Church is inseparable from the history of our small nation," said missionary priest Bento Barros Pereira

Pope Francis offers guidance to young Christians in politics

He gave them watchwords — encounter, reflection, and action — and encouraged them to show “unconditional acceptance and respect” for others

As living costs surge, climate change takes a backseat in elections

As COVID-19 has worsened economic and social inequalities, jobs and livelihoods have dominated election campaigns

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