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Myanmar election process suffers from lack of transparency, rights group claims

Country’s election commission has made critical decisions without meaningful transparency that will affect many ethnic minority areas, Human Rights Watch says

Thai PM asks for review of TV station suspension amid protests

Voice TV is partly owned by Shinawatra family of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister Yingluck

Thailand protests: Yesterday once more

What’s going on isn’t new, it’s just something from the same old, unimaginative sewers of Thai politics

Three years since siege, Marawi remains a city in despair

Many people have yet been allowed to return to their homes so they can begin rebuilding their lives

Protesters take over Bangkok streets in new show of defiance

Across Thailand, demonstrations were also being organized in at least 19 other provinces

Thousands of Thais again defy protest ban in Bangkok

Govt had banned all political gatherings of five or more people

Beijing uses new tactic in campaign against Taiwan with spy accusations

China is spreading slander and creating terror, top Taiwanese official says

Thai PM vows to stay on as protesters defy his ban

Protesters seeking a new constitution, to replace one drafted under military rule

US palm oil import ban opens can of worms in Malaysia

While human rights organizations focus on the plight of migrant workers, Malays face a dismal future

Thailand bans protests as challenge to govt escalates

Demonstration on Oct. 14 brought out tens of thousands of protesters marching to Government House

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