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Foreign media in Hong Kong decry actions on journalists in US-China...

Journalist visas being used as a weapon in international disputes, press club says

Philippine church, civil society groups call for ‘medical response’ to pandemic

Govt appears already gotten used to the metaphor of war by allowing military or police mindset to spearhead COVID-19 response, medico says

Rights group slams rough handling of peaceful protestors in Cambodia

Cambodian authorities faulted for harassing and forcibly dispersing family members protesting the detention of opposition political activists

Free citizens main target of Duterte’s proposed social media gag, not...

Social media is an important battlefield for advocates of good governance

Sri Lankans vote for new parliament, shrugging off coronavirus fear

Election officials wore transparent face shields while medical personnel were deployed to ensure voters abided by rules to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus

Modi, Muslims to attend Ram temple ceremony on contested Ayodhya site

In 1992, a Hindu mob destroyed the 16th-century Babri Mosque on the site, triggering clashes in which about 2,000 people, mostly Muslims, were killed

SPOTLIGHT: The world of former Malaysian PM comes crashing down

Najib Razak loses landmark battle, as judge slams his ‘preposterous and ridiculous’ defence and dispels the myth of the nation’s untouchable elite class

As Filipino doctors seek reforms to save lives, Duterte responds with...

Doctors’ letter cited huge gaps in testing and monitoring, the lack of social safety nets, and failure to provide for workers’ needs as they returned to jobs

Hong Kong govt’s election delay may be unlawful, bar association says

Delay follows 12 pro-democracy candidates being disqualified from running for elections over perceived subversive intentions and opposition to new security law

Malaysians have a right to be nervous as govt creates new...

With ministers struggling to control a once pliant media, a department famed for dirty tricks and misinformation gets the nod to restart operations

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