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Taiwan president rejects Beijing rule; China says ‘reunification’ inevitable

In a speech after being sworn in for her second and final term in office, President Tsai Ing-wen said relations between Taiwan and China had reached an historical turning point

Taiwan rejects China’s main condition for WHO participation

Taiwan says that only its democratically elected govt can speak for the island's 23 million people

Press freedom under siege in the Philippines

Weaponizing the law to stifle dissent and contrary opinions erodes the very foundations of a democratic system

Pope Francis calls for European unity amid pandemic

The pontiff asked European leaders to work together in addressing the possible social and economic consequences of COVID-19

China’s wolf warrior diplomats aren’t fooling anyone but themselves

Consequences of the Chinese regime’s over-vaunted estimation of its own cunning could have dangerous consequences for the world

Taiwan rebuffs WHO, says China has no right to represent it

Only democratically-elected Taiwanese govt can represent the nation’s 23 million people in international community, says Taiwan spokeswoman

Taiwan schools Philippines on civil liberties, sovereignty

Taiwan claims that foreign workers' rights and interests are protected by relevant laws and regulations, including freedom of speech

Pandemic is no excuse to ignore human rights

Authoritarian govts should not weaponize the pandemic to subvert human rights

Cambodia’s opposition still under threat during COVID-19

Former members of Cambodian National Rescue Party have been arrested, some of them have not been politically active since their party was dissolved

Malaysian ministers show disdain for COVID-19 restrictions

Ordinary citizens face up to three months in prison for defying nationwide lockdown, while ministers are allowed to do as they please

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