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Pakistan’s PM wants Muslim nations to pressure West to implement anti-blasphemy...

Imran Khan says he wants Muslim countries to use trade boycott threats against countries where blasphemy incidents occur

India’s COVID-19 cases reach 18 million; record number of daily deaths

Second wave of infections has overwhelmed many hospitals who have been starved of life-saving oxygen

India’s Catholic bishops hit govt ‘negligence’ for surge in COVID-19 infections

The nation of 1.3 billion people has an official tally of 17.31 million infections and 195,123 deaths

On Myanmar, ASEAN pushes boundaries of ‘non-interference’

But activists say ASEAN plan is still too weak and has little real chance to bring peace to Myanmar

Michael Somare: Thoughts about this great man, the grand chief

May the Lord grant him the reward of the good and faithful servant

Myanmar activists call for new non-cooperation campaign

They urge people to stop paying electricity bills, agricultural loans and to keep their children out of school

Sri Lankan authorities arrest Muslim lawmaker over Easter Sunday blasts

Opposition member of parliament, and his brother, arrested for allegedly ‘aiding and abetting the suicide bombers’

Hong Kong activists retreat as China-style justice comes to their city

One judge said bail hearings were reminiscent of ‘show trials’ used by China to publicly humiliate and ultimately break political opponents

Myanmar’s junta leader should be disinvited from ASEAN summit, rights group...

Military leader should not be welcomed at an intergovernmental gathering to address a crisis he created, Human Rights Watch says

Malaysian authorities ignore rise in domestic abuse amid pandemic

Civil groups in Malaysia report massive jumps in case numbers, while the govt hopes it will all go away

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