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Pope Francis backs UN call for global ceasefire

Pontiff hopes UN decision will be implemented effectively and promptly for the sake of people suffering worldwide

Pope Francis urges Catholic media to give voice to those who...

The pope emphasized that media is necessary to distinguish good from evil in terms of producing sound judgments

Pope calls for prayer for nations under humanitarian crisis

Syria and its surrounding region have been suffering due to serious socio-political and economic crises exacerbated by the pandemic, pope says

Pope Francis names 4 Filipino priests ‘missionaries of mercy’

Priests have been granted special authority to pardon sins that carry penalties that only the Vatican can lift

Pope Francis, Cardinal Bo appeal for care for refugees amid pandemic

Nearly 70 percent those displaced are from Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Myanmar

Pope Francis expresses gratitude to fishermen, seafarers

There are 150,000 to 200,000 maritime personnel stranded at sea because of the coronavirus outbreak

Pope Francis calls on Christians to follow ‘voice of conscience’

Day of Conscience is inspired by Portuguese diplomat who helped thousands of Jewish people escape the Holocaust

Pope Francis reminds faithful of Eucharist as ‘memorial that heals’

Through the Eucharist the negativity which seeps so often into our hearts is healed, pope says

Eliminating child labor a moral imperative

Poverty is the root cause of child labor — when families struggle to make ends meet, inevitably parents decide to send children to work

Pope Francis calls for protection of minors, end to child labor

It’s estimated there are about 152 million children caught up child labor, 72 million of whom are in hazardous work

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