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Two Vatican cardinals, papal aides, test positive for coronavirus, source says

But yet to be any official Vatican confirmation of the two cardinals' test results

Pope Francis warns against turning crisis into conflict

Citing pandemic, the pope describes it as ‘a time of trial and testing, but also a significant opportunity for conversion and renewed authenticity’

Pope snubs Vatican’s sci-fi Nativity scene, directs visitors to others

Sci-fi Nativity scene has received scathing reviews in the media and from visitors, many of whom have expressed emotions ranging from puzzlement to contempt

Watch: ‘Bring out the good during difficult times,’ pope says

Pope Francis offers tips on how to live out Christmas with a sense of strength and faith

Divert arms money to fight COVID-19, ensure vaccine for all, pope...

Under Pope Francis, the Church has hardened is stance against nuclear weapons and called for their total abolition

Those who pray ‘never turn their backs on the world,’ says...

Prayer involves love for our brothers and sisters, pope says

A Christian is joyful in heart, even during trials, Pope Francis...

First condition necessary for Christian joy is to focus less on one’s self and to put Jesus at the center of everything, pope says

Pope commits Vatican to net zero carbon emissions by 2050

Vatican is now recycling 65 percent of its waste and aimed to reach 75 percent in 2023

Pope Francis calls for prayers during difficult times

At times it seems that everything collapses, that life lived so far has been in vain, pope says

Leading cardinal says Catholic Church needs rules on status of ex...

Vatican needs clear rules to help church unity, Cardinal George Pell says

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