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Pope Francis pays tribute to Japanese martyrs

Pope urged the people of Japan never to forget their heroic sacrifice

Pope calls for international unity against weapons of mass destruction

In a world where millions live in inhumane conditions there’s no excuse to squander money on such destructive weapons, pope said

Paus minta para uskup perhatikan kenaikan bunuh diri di Jepang

Paus Fransiskus meminta perhatian dari para pemimpin gereja di Jepang atas meningkatnya angka bunuh diri dan perundungan terhadap kaum muda di kota-kota...

Pope Francis calls attention to increasing rates of suicide in Japan

The pontiff told Japanese bishops that the lives of the country's young people need special care and protection

Paus minta para uskup Asia menjadi pelayan, bukan manajer

Para pemimpin Gereja Katolik, terutama para uskup, harus "menjadi pelayan, bukan tuan atau manajer." Hal itu disampaikan Paus Fransiskus...

From all over the world, they came to see the pope

Seeing the pope up close was "a rare life experience" for Alexis Yu and his family from the central Philippine city of...

Pope asks youth to keep their faith burning

Without a firm sense of faith, young people can easily be swayed by the voices of this world, he said during homily

Filipino missionaries in Thailand accept pope’s challenge

Pontiff told them to find new ways in delivering the Good News

Pope tells Asian bishops to be servants, not managers

The pope told the bishops to be unafraid to take to the streets and come face to face with the people in their care

Pope tells priests, religious to find new ways to talk about...

He urged local church leaders to seek new ways to transmit the Word capable of awakening the desire to know the Lord

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